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Excellence Every Day represents an MGH commitment to providing the highest quality, safest care that meets or exceeds all standards set by the hospital and external organizations.
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A focus on practice development and professional growth
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Nursing Peer Review is an integral part of nursing practice at MGH. Providing feedback, both for strengths and practice development, assist the nurse in assessing his or her practice and develop goals. Below are some tools to guide you to the revised process.

Peer Review at MGH
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Step-by-Step Process: Staff Nurse
Step-by-Step Process: Nurse Leader
Nursing Peer Review - Principles and Practice
Video: Providing Peer Review in Real Time



Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Speech Language Pathology

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Nursing and Patient Care Services supports continuing education activities for all members of the team to ensure the delivery of safe quality evidence based care to our patients. Continuing education programs include a wide range of topics promote life-long learning and clinical excellence by establishing, supporting and fostering learning opportunities for the attainment of knowledge and skills necessary for safe, competent and compassionate patient-centered care. For more information including registration please visit, Norman Knight Nursing Center for Clinical & Professional Development

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Massachusetts General Hospital and Patient Care Services offer a variety of scholarships and fellowships to employees to support them in continuing their education as well as enhancing their professional development. Many of these are supported through the generous gifts of former patients and families. Below you will find information on these programs.

  • Association of Multicultural Members of Partners (AAMP)
    Each year AMMP members are eligible to apply for scholarships to assist in their pursuit of degrees and other relevant training at colleges and universities. The scholarship program is one more way AMMP can help its members to get the education and training they need to broaden their skills and advance in their careers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Current employees of Partners and MGH are eligible to compete for scholarship awards.
  • Clinical Leadership Collaborative for Diversity (CLCDN) in Nursing Scholarship Program
    The CLCDN Scholarship was established to assist in increasing the pipeline of diverse nurses caring for patients throughout the Partners HealthCare and to develop diverse nurse leaders. Applicants who identify themselves as American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, or Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander are encouraged to apply. The CLCDN program helps to address the challenges of work, home and school and chart new possibilities for nurses employed at Partners HealthCare Institutions who are interested in pursuing an advanced degree.

Professional and Specialty Certification/Re-certification Examinations Reimbursement
(applies to Nursing only/MGH Internal Access)

Support Services Grants
MGH Training and Workforce Development facilitates and promotes employee education and training to attract, develop and retain a highly-skilled, diverse workforce through sustainable collaborations that support the MGH's mission.

Tuition Reimbursement Policy

Tuition Vouchers – Selected Programs
MGH provides clinical training for hundreds of nurses, therapist, and social workers. In exchange for providing these preceptored experiences, MGH will often receive tuition vouchers that staff can apply for. For more information, please contact your director.

Professional and Specialty Certification/Re-certification Examinations Reimbursement (applies to Nursing only)

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CLINICAL Affiliations

The Clinical Affiliations Program exemplifies our mission “to educate future academic and practice leaders of the health care professions”; our vision “to create a practice environment that is built on a spirit of inquiry;" our professional practice model; and the Department of Nursing philosophy “to educate ourselves and to educate others."

CLINICAL RECOGNITION PROGRAM (CRP) (links from existing resources)

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Clinicians in Patient Care Services at Massachusetts General Hospital have long valued their role in caring for patients and families. The Clinical Recognition Program provides a way to formally recognize professional clinical staff for their expertise. Through the program, clinical staff from six disciplines in Patient Care Services analyze their own practice and then seek recognition for the level of practice they have achieved. The program recognizes that valuable contributions are made by staff at every level and that excellence is a goal common to all.
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"Unlike material capital, knowledge does not deteriorate with use.  But, like equipment, old skills become obsolete with the advent of new technologies.  Continuing education and on-the-job training are required to keep existing skills in line with technological progress and new knowledge." After staff are hired, even the smallest hospital has a responsibility to see that they receive the education and training they need to provide quality care and to keep patients safe.

(Quoted by The joint Commission in it's 2009 Hospital Accreditation Standards Manual, from the WHO's World Health Report 2000 - Health Systems: Improving Performance)

Magnet Recognition

Magnet_logoThe American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) places significant emphasis on orientation, in-service education, continuing education, formal education, certification and career development. Personal and professional growth and develoment are valued. In addition, opportunities for competency-based clinical advancement exist, along with the resources to maintain competency.

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There are numerous terms and acronyms in healthcare that may be unfamiliar. Please click here to visit a Glossary of Terms that may be helpful. And please email any suggested additions.

This month's featured term: Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition

Based on the work of Drs. Hubert and Stuart Dreyfus, both professors at the University of California at Berkeley. This is a situational model of skill acquisition. It is the development of skilled know how. The model states that a person passes through five stages of
qualitatively different perceptions of his/her task and/or mode of decision-making as his/her skill improves. It is neither expected nor possible for all individuals to proceed in a linear fashion. Skill according to this model is based on innate ability, experience and environment.

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Excellence Every Day represents an MGH commitment to providing the highest quality, safest care that meets or exceeds all standards set by the hospital and external organizations.

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